KCamp's Mission

Kuwait camp’s mission is to contribute to child development through diverse activities. Our Target is to cultivate camper’s unique talents and skills. Kcamp offers campers an enriched summer experience through a variety of sport and recreational activities in a fun- filled environment. Our Program promotes self-esteem, trust and teamwork, thereby allowing campers to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, others and the world around them


KCamp's Vision

  • We believe that the best child development takes place in small group environments where children are actively involved in creating their own learning.

  • We believe that all children have the right to experience fun and friendship.

  • We believe that children are society’s most valuable asset.

  • We believe that young people in the early years need opportunities to be involved in activities with caring adults.

  • We believe in helping campers to gain the skills that help them achieve a strong self-awareness, responsibility and the ability to get along with their peers.

  • We believe in providing caring, trained and experience staff to foster leadership, motivation and discipline.