The Arts:
Zumba, Dance with DJ Malou, Drama & Theater, Arts & Crafts (drawing, sketching, painting, basket-making, ceramics, pottery, woodworking, papier-mâché; and more!)

Solo Sports:
Swimming, Kayaking, Fitness, Martial Arts 

Team Sports: 
Dodge Ball, Basketball, Football, Beach volleyball, Soap soccer, Badminton.

Teach Commitment
When a child plays for a team, he's committed to stick with the game for the duration. 

Create Good Losers
It's so important to teach kids that things don't always work out the way they want them to; sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.. sportsmanship is how we accept the result in a gracious way!

Promote Teamwork
Learning to work within a dynamic team is an important life skill kids learn at KCamp

Build Friendships
At KCamp kids make friends outside their usual circle