Work with Us

Join "Team 2017"

Every year the KCamp family consists of over 100 staff members from different nationalities and age groups. Whether they are former campers, high school or university students, certified coaches or teachers, they all come for one reason and that is to work for KCamp.

If you wish to join the KCamp family, you will need to have a list of several criteria’s from a long list of attributes such as: Active, Talented, Sporty, Outgoing, Gregarious, Hard working, Attentive and the list goes on

Working at KCamp is a fun work experience yet so challenging. Once employed, you will not only be responsible for the safety of children and making their experience a memorable one, you will be expected to be a role model for those young children where your every action will affect a young person everyday.

This KCamp experience can be one of the most powerful experiences of a lifetime and can also lead to many other professional opportunities. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you as we build a strong team this summer.