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Age Groups

At KCamp, in order to enhance team spirit and establish new friendships, the campers are classified into four categories: The Pee Wees, The Munchkins, The Fish, and The Bulls.


Each group consists of 25-30 campers with a ratio of 5:1 from counselors and supervisors. Each group has a color-coded T-shirts and a group name that helps identify each camper.

The Peewees – ages 2 to 5 years

Camp is probably the very first experience for this age group. Hence, the program is designed to give a taste of most camp activities to these group of young campers.

The Munchkins – ages 6 to 8 years

In this age group, campers are trained to develop the basic skills of camp sports and activities. A tailor-made fun filled program is offered daily which stimulates curiosity and excitement.

The Fish – ages 9 to 12 years

This group’s program promotes discipline and teamwork. Campers are encouraged to participate in group sports and team building activities, through which they acquire on overall understanding of games and their rules.

The Bulls - ages 12 to 14 years

This teenage group program reinforces trust, self-confidence and creates an atmosphere of true friendship. The Campers are regrouped into teams and assigned specific tasks under the supervision of their counselors.